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UV-C Technology and FAQs

  • 1. How dirty is my phone?
    The average phone is crawling with 10-18 times more viruses and bacteria than a public restroom. That means you’re just as likely to get sick from your phone as from the handles in the bathroom. Your phone breeds more bacteria, too. Your phone’s battery keeps it warm, and when it’s stored in warm, dark places like your pocket or purse, the bacteria multiply.

  • 2. Will my phone fit in the UV Box?
    Excellent question! All smartphones will fit in Box 2.0, and Box 3.0 has an even larger capacity.

  • 3. Can I keep the case on my phone?
    Yes! In fact, we encourage you to keep your phone case on while you sterilise. Most of the bacteria on our hands are passed to our phone cases. If you have additional accessories like a socket or stand, if it fits, it can be sterilised. Please note removable accessories (like Pop-Sockets) can be sterilised separately. 

  • 4. Is UV-C light safe for my phone?
    Absolutely Yes. UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses without liquid, heat or chemicals so it has no effect on the electronics and is completely safe for your phone.
    Do not place anything that is alive in the device.

  • 5. What can I sterilise?
    Anything and everything can be sterilised. In addition to cellphones,  is designed to sanitise items like keys, jewelry, credit cards, eyeglasses, earbuds, etc... You can clean as many items as you want at the same time — just make sure that none of the surfaces overlap. The UV-C light needs to reach every surface in order to kill the germs.

  • 6. How does UV-C work?
    The light kills over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within seconds using powerful UV-C light to destroy their DNA, so they can’t function or reproduce.  In nature, the UV-C light that causes this germicidal effect is harmful to our eyes but is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere. The UV Box uses this UV-C light in a controlled environment to effectively and safely sterilise your phone, as well as anything else that fits inside.

  • 7. How long does it take to sanitise my items?
    The Box completely sterilises your phone in just 5 Minutes, the Wand takes 6-10 seconds to clean items! Many of our customers place their phones in the Box before going to bed so when they get up each day, their germ-free phone is ready to go!

  • 8. Does the UV Box leave residue or chemicals from sanitation?
    Absolutely not!
    The UV-C sterilisation method used by products is dry, effective, and leaves absolutely no residue or chemicals after sterilisation. Just germ free, sparkly cleanliness! 

  • 9. What about children with a UV-C product?
    Children should NEVER be left unattended when using any UV-C sterilisation device.
    The UV Box is designed with safety measures preventing accidental exposure to UV-C. safety trigger shuts the UV lights off when the unit is open.

  • 10. Can I still hear my notifications?



    Yes, the Box will allow you to hear notifications and alarms while your phone is being sterilised.

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