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About SkyValleys

How We Got Here.

SkyValleys was launched as a non-profit project in December 2019. The entire world witnessed the devastation of the bush-fires across Australia, and the effects were felt all over the country, so we wanted to do something.
Our campaign was simple. We ordered a large shipment of anti-pollution (aka N95) masks from China along with a small stock of Home Air Purifiers. We were now ready to help. We gave away 1 Free mask per customer, with the option of purchasing our Family Gift Pack (6 for $100), and 100% of profits being donated to the RFS. We didn't expect what happened next! Almost 20% of customers chose to purchase the Family Packs, showing the generosity of people during a time of need. 
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Being located in Melbourne we were able to deliver some SkyValleys Masks ourselves to local customers, for interstate customers we charged $7 for postage. We really felt as though we were doing something right.
2 months in, China had an outbreak of what is now known as COVID-19, the factories stopped producing masks for overseas buyers, and other asian countries shut down exports as well. We had to close this chapter of our story and we watched the very same masks we'd been giving away go from prices of $10 to being priced at over $80-100 as demand peaked and countries stopped exporting masks. 
We no longer stock or retail N95 Masks or any PPE as we'd like the medical and healthcare industries to have direct access at the lowest possible cost.  


Our Long Term Vision.

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Ultimately, we hope to work towards an ideal of global access to clean water and unpolluted air, for all. The beauty of Australia's diverse population is something we take pride in at SkyValleys. We want people all over the world to be able to enjoy the same things we enjoy. 
Glad to have you on board with us,


Today, SkyValleys is all about what we call pure living! We believe every person deserves to live in a manner that combines the best of mother nature with the latest benefits of science, medicine and technology! It's a lifestyle that elevates mind, body, and soul. SkyValleys is a 100% Australian owned company committed to improving and enhancing culture and lifestyle for all Australians.
Our current mission helps direct every action and decision we make, and the values under which we operate.
  • To improve at home living quality.
  • To give all people the opportunity and choice to be healthy, hygienic, and happy.
  • To help people with illnesses and health conditions lead healthier lives by reducing exposure to pollutants and triggers.
  • To source and manufacture world class products with our factory retail site SkyValleysDirect in Australia using Australian-made components wherever possible.
  • To manufacture products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

If you share our values, we'd love to have you as a Brand Ambassador!



Our customers are the reason for our existence. To succeed, we must fulfill their expectations and deliver on all our promises in the best manner.
  • Listen to our customers’ needs and inspire them with constant innovation.
  • Provide products that exceed expectations.
  • Produce high quality medically recommended products incorporating state-of-the-art technology.
  • Produce systems that incorporate customer specific functions.



Long lasting, quality solutions tailored to people's needs.
  • Manufacture from powder-coated steel and aluminium.
  • Source the highest quality materials (free from chemical off-gassing and volatile organic compounds).
  • Be committed to continuous product improvement, research and innovation.
  • Build the very best quality products that will last for decades.
  • Build products that are energy efficient.

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We personally use our products, and work to ensure ease of use and the highest standards.

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