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SkyEyes Kids - Digital Protection Glasses

SkyEyes Kids - Digital Protection Glasses

SkyEyes Kids - Digital Protection Glasses

SkyEyes are made to last, super flexible, kid friendly durability. 


 Safe, light and comfortable, so children love wearing them all the time!


With remote learning and class time being mandatory, a break sometimes just isn't possible. Parents are struggling with this. And we want to help.

Your child having homework to do later in the night makes getting to sleep more problematic than ever.

 Blue light can lead to many forms of fatigue. Blue light during the day is beneficial because it boosts attention, reaction times and mood. However at night, artificial blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm that causes the natural release of melatonin that helps us sleep. Because the blue light tricks our brain into believing it’s still daytime, falling asleep can be more difficult and we don’t sleep as deeply.

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